Uncanny Valley Label 5 years Boiler Room

5 Years Uncanny Valley & The First Boiler Room Dresden

Uncanny Valley: Currently one of the coolest labels on earth is celebrating its 5th birthday. The label collective started its journey in Dresden five years ago. LPs by Jacob Korn or Cuthead along with uncountable EPs by artists the like of Break SL, Credit 00, and Massimiliano Pagliara helped Uncanny Valley to become one of Germany’s most respected labels. So, after five years it was about time to hit the party button with some resident artists, celebrating with the first Boiler Room in Dresden: Break SL, Jacob Korn, Cuthead, Credit 00, and the Uncanny Valley Soundsystem have been part of this very special party. Hopefully it was not the last one as there are so many interesting artists, waiting to be discovered by the electronic scene. So, happy birthday Uncanny Valley! Happy birthday Albrecht, Carl, Conrad and Philipp – your work is highly appreciated!