A Winged Victory For The Sullen

A Winged Victory For The Sullen’s New Album The Undivided Five Seems To Be The Perfect Soundtrack To Embrace Autumn And Winter, And Wait Until Spring Is Back Again.

If you looked for the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming autumn and winter season, you should certainly listen to the new album of A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN called THE UNDIVIDED FIVE. A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN, aka Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie, released this album on the infamous NINJA TUNE label, which was originally founded by Cold Cut (#superheroes).

With THE UNDIVIDED FIVE, A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN successfully merged elements from neoclassic and ambient, and created their very own AWVFTS sound. While lately lots of artists failed with their neoclassical attempts, A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN didn’t try to meet expectations, but embraced the serendipitous role of the number five, inspired by artist Hilma af Klint and the recurrence of the perfect fifth chord.

So, they stick to the piano and analog synths, recorded recorded orchestral samples in Budapest, and worked with Ben Frost, until finally the album was run through an analog board, binding the record’s different parts together.

With the result that A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN’s new album sounds warm and homogeneous, but keeping pathos at bay. THE UNDIVIDED FIVE is just this kind of album you buy as LP and you’ll listen to it while drinking some fucking dry red wine with your friends and waiting for the spring to arrive. And when the LP ends, you start from the beginning, embracing the cold and depressing seasons, and suddenly, somehow magically, without even noticing, spring has arrived…

Image credit: Ninja Tunes