Peter van Hoesen - 2019

Again, An Absolutely Stunning Performance By Peter Van Hoesen At Radion Club Amsterdam

I think we’ve been listening to this set by Peter van Hoesen at least once a day for almost 2 months and will continue in 2019. Why? Well, Peter van Hoesen is just such an incredible musician and dj. If you have the chance to catch Peter van Hoesen playing live solo or with Donato Dozzy, you should take the opportunity. He has the knowledge and ability to build the perfect suspense level, while playing for hours.

First, I heard Peter van Hoesen infamous hybrid set at Labyrinth Festival and countless occasions followed ;-)

This Peter van Hoesen set was recorded at a the Radion club in Amsterdam and includes tracks by Neel, Mathew Jonson, Robert Hood, Blawan, and Heiko Laux. Absolutely amazing performance by Peter van Hoesen!

Image credit: Wikipedia ;-)