Fjaak - Wolves - Monkeytown Records

Almost Every Groove Podcast Is A Home Run, Especially The FJAAK & Ena Cosovic Sets Are Incredibly Delightful!

I think I have discovered the Groove Magazine in the early 90ies somewhere in Hamburg, since then I’ve been reading this mag constantly. Indeed it had tremendous influence on my musical development and still has!

Beside the magazine, the Groove guys started a fantastic podcast series! Not every podcast, but almost every podcast is a damn hit ;-)

As we can’t post every Groove podcast we like, we picked two podcasts that we cannot stop listening to:

The first one comes from the extremely likable guys of FJAAK. These dudes will release their debut on Monkeytown in January and will be the first smashing LP in 2017! We cannot wait for this masterpiece. Their podcasts drifts between experimental tunes and 4-the-floor-smashers. Suuuupppper!


01. Joefarr -Spectate (Max Cooper Remix)
02. OutKast – I’m Cool
03. Andrea – Floating
04. Terrence Dixon – Bonus Beat (Remix)
05. Amotik – Nau
06. Shed – Day After (FJAAK Edit)
07. Unknown – A
08. J. Manuel – Unreleased
09. FJAAK & Faerber – Unreleased
10. Hype Killers – Clear
11. Surgeon – Radiance
12. Matrixxman – Process
13. Gescom – A2
14. Regis- Black Freighter
15. W1b0 – Main Squeeze (Bs1 Rmx)
16. ø Phase – Kantino III
17. Joris Vorn – 500 Models (Demo)
18. Matrixxman – Instigator
19. FJAAK – Wolves

The second podcast is by Ena Cosovic. She is a musician, living in Copenhagen and has a residency at the infamous club culture box. Minute by minute, Ena’s mix develops a incredible drive you won’t resist, could not! Fantastic!


01. Jor-El – Adrift (True Rotary Recordings)
02. Roberto Clementi – To Balance a Tide (Forthcoming on True Rotary Recordings)
03. Jor-El – Radical Dub (Forthcoming on True Rotary Recordings)
04. Diego Krause – Abyss (Constant Sound)
05. John Tejada & Tin Man – Swift Box (Acid Test)
06. Jor-El – BMF (Forthcoming on True Rotary Recordings)
07. Roman Lindau – Raumgestaltung (Fachwerk)
08. 2030 – In Aeternum (Luke Hess Remix) (Black Crow Recordings)
09. Ryan James Ford – Kirra Rengo (SHUT)
10. Trevino – Mosaic (Hotflush Recordings)
11. Len Faki & Regal – Abroas (Figure)
12. Fiedel – Back Door (Tallmen785 Remix) (Fiedeltwo)
13. Instra:mental – Forbidden (Apple Pips)

Image source: Monkeytown Records