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Although I Didn’t Expect It, But The New LP “Loon” From Nils Frahm And Ólafur Arnalds Definitely Surprised Us!

Yeah, well! Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds do not need any additional introduction. They are extremely talented musicians, who are part of a new era of neo-classic and minimalism. And even though I highly value their work and collaborations, I became a little bit bored by their releases. Every time I heard something from them, I thought “Well, nice, but not interesting or even challenging”. And then they started to over advertise their new collaboration project with a video and so on, and that was the point, when I decided “I won’t listen to any new release from Frahm/Arnalds”.

But, as you might assume, I changed my mind. I was just preparing my favorite lasagne and in quite positive mood I gave their new Mini-LP “Loon” a chance. And I was positively surprised! The first song “four” is a classical Frahm/Arnalds (don’t get bored!), but what happens then is definitely worth it. The next four songs or so are far more challenging and inspiring than their latest stuff! The LP Loon is a mesmerizing jam, combining Krautrock, Ambient, Electronica, and a modern approach to minimalism. Damn it! I cannot stop listening to it. Thanks Nils & Ólafur for making the next step!