Andrew Thomson - Huntley & Palmers - Radio Cómeme

Andrew Thomson (Huntleys + Palmers) Has Recorded An Amazing Podcast For Radio Cómeme

Radio Cómeme is one the most respected podcast series as far as we know. Hence, you always get high quality music, presented by different artists such as Christian S. or Matias Aguayo, just to name a few.

This Radio Cómeme asked Andrew Thomson of the label Huntleys + Palmers from Glasgow & London. Honestly, I haven’t heard neither from Andrew Thomson nor from Huntleys + Palmers, but we will closely follow Andrew in the future.

His mix for Radio Cómeme is incredibly good: starting a bit darker with statements about D. Trump and is getting brighter and optimistic. Superb!

This is what Andrew Thomson says about his mix: This is a bit of a departure from my usual mixes which reflect the way I typically play warming up a room by building from a slower tempo and gradually increasing. Here, I wanted to pick things up from where I usually leave things for the next artist and run with it myself. As the title suggests, it starts a bit darker and unravels into something brighter and optimistic.

Image source: Huntleys & Palmers