Ata - L'oreille Offenbach - Robert Johnson - 2017

Ata Played For L’oreille Offenbach At The Robert Johnson Club And We Are Just Deeply In Love With This Dj!

Well well well, every mix recorded Ata is just unbelievable. If I was a Dj, Ata would definitely be my main inspiration. It’s absolutely remarkable how he creates tension and spans a wide range from more pop inspired dance floor tracks over to deeper tracks to high energy peak time monsters.

Especially Ata`s latest mix recorded by the lovely guys from L’oreille Offenbach, is the best mix I`ve heard since a long time, probably some weeks. The thing is, Ata has the flow and everything sounds so easy and every tracks matches perfectly with the next one as if these tracks were made for this nice afternoon at the Robert Johnson Club or just Robert.

And the best thing of all is that Ata seems to be a very nice grounded guy who just likes what he`s doing and enjoys his life…

Deeply in love with this Dj and his musical taste!

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