Trentemoller at His Studio

Autumn Has Already Arrived. Winter Is Certain To Come. Trentemoller Has Recorded The Perfect Soundtrack For This Desperately Melancholic Time!

It’s getting cold and uncomfortable, and the perfect soundtrack is missing…

Autumn has already arrived. Winter is certain to come. The perfect soundtrack for this mournful time of the year is needed, at least for this weekend. We probably have the perfect the soundtrack for you hiding under the ceiling, and doing nothing at all, except being incredibly lazy!

With Trentemoller even autumn, winter, and Mondays are okay

Almost a year ago, Trentemoller recorded this lovely melancholic mixtape monday is okay for THE RANSOM NOTE, and it has lost nothing of its timeless beauty. Rather Trentemoller’s mix sounds better than one year ago!

Even though, Trentemoller uses just his own tracks (mixed original, edited and remixed tracks), his mix sounds absolutely heterogenous and thrilling. We`ve been listening to Trentemoller’s mix countless times. You definitely should follow our example ;-)

Image credits: Trentemoller