Autumn music

Autumn Music: If It’s Raining All Day, It’s Definitely Time To Slow Down And Get Experimental!

Summer is over! Well, you might have recognized it by now. At least in Berlin it’s raining all day since weeks, so we won’t listen to euphoric-summer-festival-summer-sets anymore. But it’s still too early for depressive-winter-music! Hence we collected some of our favorite podcasts of the last weeks that thrilled us with their uncommon music selection.

Orson Wells – Leipzig Afterhours

Frankfurt’s Orson Wells selected some very nice tunes for the freaks of Leipzig.

Prosumer – Dimension Series 3_5

When I saw that the former Panorama Bar resident Prosumer did a new podcast for the Dimension Series, I definitely expected some proper und well-selected house tracks. Instead Prosumer leveraged a beautiful and very deep drone and ambient set. Superb!

Legowelt’s “Memphis Rap Mix” for the Dummy Mag

Okay, that’s no surprise! Legowelt always surprises with his very special music taste. This time he compiled a Memphis Rap Mix for the Dummy Mag. OMG OG action ;-)

Here is the tracklist: Tommy Wright III: 4 Corners Pt. 2 Guice – Murder On They Minds Evil Pimp – Riding Thru the Hood Snubnoze – Thug From Around The Way Lil Tino – Funkytown S.P.V. CLick – Time To Hit The Dope, Hoe! Gangsta Pat – Killa Killa North Memphis Playa Click – Mack’s About His Hustle Mack D.L.E. – Future K-Rino – Drownin’ In Blood Immortal Lowlife – Alone in the World

Aki Vanderley’s Uncanny Valley Podcast #33

Last but not least. The wonderful Uncanny Valley podcast! The guys discovered Aki Vanderley on a roadtrip through Bulgaria. His mix contains Prog Rock, Bulgarian folk, dance… – Just amazing!

Image source: Orson Wells soundcloud page