Balearic Gabba Sound System for lodown magazine 2016

Awesome Mix & Hilarious Name: The “Balearic Gabba Sound System” With The “Monday Is The New Sunday”-Mix For The Lodown Magazine

As I saw the new Lodown Magazine mix by the Balearic Gabba Sound System, I thought, “oh boy, what a hilarious name, that mix has to be fantastic”. And hell yeah, this mix is the perfect start into week or even to make the Monday the new Sunday, or so… In the end, it doesn’t matter! When the “nonsense dream team” hits the record button, it’s getting weird, it’s getting cosmic, it’s getting balearic, it’s getting AWESOME!!! This Balearic Gabba Sound System collective, a bunch of extremely talented musicians such as Hell Yeah Recordings’ label boss Marco „PeeDoo“ Gallerani, Enzo Elia, Everest Parisi, E-the-Hot, DJ Ca$h, Gallo and Bjorn Torske to name just a few, leveraged a absolutely feel good mix that leads us in the tasty area of the music universe. If you don’t believe us, have a look at the track list or just listen to the “Monday is the new Sunday”-mix. So so so cooooool;-)


The Phantom – Ocean / Transatlantyk

Steve Cobby – Clams (Tempelhof Remix) / Declasse

Velly Jonaas – Stopp, Seisku Aeg! / Frotee

Balearic Gabba Sound System – Quando / Golf Channel

Telespazio – Barrier (Wolf Muller remix) / Hell Yeah

Mushrooms Project – Rio Disco 84 / Hell Yeah

Underground System – Bella Ciao (Laguna Mix by Gigi Masin & Leo Mas & Fabrice) / Hell Yeah

Telespazio – Eyes On Ice / Hell Yeah

Das Hobos – Whitelines / unknown

Autarkic – Show Me What You Haven’t Got / Golf Channel

Parliament – I Just Got Back / Casablanca

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