Mozhgan-Lente Kabinet - 2018

Damn It! Mozhgan Played One Of These Relentless Dance Floor Monster Sets At The Lente Kabinet Festival, We Are Yearning For So Desperately

When the live recordings of this year’s Lente Kabinet Festival dropped, I was quite disappointed as I was missing something special, performances that are kiss ass (sorry my British friends ;-)).

Well, but then I discovered this recording of Mozhgan from San Francisco by accident. And, yes, as you might have already assumed, it’s the this crawling, relentless dominating dance floor monster we´re all looking for when entering the club, but find far to rarely.

So, don’t hesitate, put you headphones on and enjoy this two hours of pure club satisfaction! Very well done Mozhgan!

Image credit: Backroom Entertainment