giegling label 2019

Don’t Believe The Hype. Believe In You & In The Giegling Crew.

Don’t Believe The Hype. Believe In You & What You Like Most.

There is no doubt. Giegling is a superb label with stunning artists grounded in the collective. But this hype about every 12inch or LP that was released got on my nerves over time. So, I didn’t keep track of every release of the Giegling crew.

Luckily, we found this wonderful “Giegling only” mix by the B:Side Crew on the Teder-FM. As you might expect, Prince of Denmark, Edward, Kettenkarusell, and Traumprinz are part of this mixture of house, techno, and beautiful downtempo tracks. Especially these slower tracks create a special atmosphere that will definitely help you to cope with the upcoming autumn and winter.

Our favorite track is Believe by Traumprinz. Sooooo good :-) Can’t wait to listen to more stuff from the Gieglings!

Prince Of Denmark – Are You Ready Ralph
Edward – Wait
Ateq – Ana
Zum Goldenen Schwarm – Part 1
Dwig – You
Leafar Legov – Peace By Peace
Kettenkarussell – Everything
Dwig – Feige Dattel
Leafar Legov – Our Love Is Strong
Kettenkarussell – New York Blues
Traumprinz – 2 Bad (Metatron’s What if… Mix)
Chromatics – Shadow (Kettenkarussell Rmx)
Jacques Bon – See & Feel
Traumprinz – Believe
Vril – Torus VIII
Edward – Society 0.5
Prince Of Denmark – Soulfood
Herr Koreander – Derive
Edward – Untitled
DJ Metatron – State Of Me
Vril – Haus
Traumprinz – Ambient

Image source: Crack Magazine