Efdemin Smoke Machine Podcast 111

Efdemin Readies The 111th Edition Of the Infamous Smoke Machine Podcast

It’s been a while since our last music-post! Well, sometimes you have to wait for the right music ;-) So, we waited for Efdemin and his Smoke Machine Podcast that he dropped about a month ago. As Efdmin himself does not regularly record podcasts or share live recordings, it was the perfect time to end this kind of a short break with this very special and wonderful music and continue blogging.

What else to be said? Well, over the years Efdemin has developed his very own sound aesthetic, whether he’s playing records or performing live shows. His long players were primarily released on the beloved and high-quality imprint Dial in Hamburg, while his EPs appeared on labels such as Kann Records, Ostgut Ton, Curle, or Pampa. Through his output and appearances around the globe he developed this deep and melodic techno sound. And of course, Efdemin’s Smoke Machine Podcast is packed with this kind of tracks by Damon Wild, Christian Morgenstern, Ben Sims, and himself. Cannot wait to listen to him at the Berghain the next time!