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Fort Romeau Leverages An Extremely Floating Podcast For The Beloved Groove Magazin!

Last year Fort Romeau released a fantastic LP on Ghostly International, which was highly acclaimed by the press as well as fans. And he stayed quite productive! Fort Romeau released a few EPs on labels the like of Live At Robert Johnson or Running Back, and started his own label Cin Cin with the DJ Ali Tillet.

The Groove Magazin asked Fort Romeau for a short interview and to contribute an one hour podcast for the Groove podcast series. So Fort Romeau leveraged an extremely floating and atmospheric podcast, that we have been listening to on heavy rotation already for some days: “Progtrancehouse from Konstantin Sibold and Chymera married with deep space Techno excursions from LOR (forthcoming on Cin Cin) and Aera.”

The function of a good podcast is: “I think that a good mix always tells a story, but its not always for the story teller to dictate it to the audience!”

And yeah! Fort Romeau is damn right;-)

01. LOR – Factories 1979 [Forthcoming Cin Cin]
02. Aera – Odessa Step Sequence [Innervisions]
03. Johannes Albert – All Things Mind Altering [Frank Music]
04. Renato Ratier Ft. Stimming – Filosofia [D Edge]
05. Chymera – Episode [Cocoon]
06. Plastikman – Purrkusiv [Plus 8 Records]
07. Benjamin Milz – Dc2 [Live At Robert Johnson]
08. Konstantin Sibold – Mutter [Running Back]
09. ???
10. Bwana – Generation Nostalgia [Forthcoming Cin Cin]

Image source: Ghostly International