Freerotation Festival 2017 - Move D

Freerotation Festival 2017: As Usual Just Top Notch Perfomances By Move D, Surgeon, Objekt, Shlomo…

The Freerotation Festival: We haven’t been at this mystical place yet. Since the Freerotation Festival moved to a community festival, it’s almost impossible to get there.

Nonetheless we totally admire what’s happening in the Baskerville Hall! The crowd should be amazing as well as the music. So, it’s no surprise that the recorded sets and liver acts are top notch, celebrating some kind of special electronic! Move D, Surgeon, Juju, & Jordash are showing exceptional performances, ever year!

But Objekt‘s closing set is definitely the outstanding performance of this years Freerotation Festival. Bringing together so various artists and tracks, inviting the listeners to ride through different styles and ages. Rewind! Pure bliss! pure love! Pure u name it…

Liaisons D – He Chilled Out (Remix)
Subculture – Dreams (Tribal Life Remix)
Frankie Bones – When The Bass Drops (edit)
Neil Landstrumm – Snowdawn
Arttu – Walking On A Fine Line (feat Roberto Q. Ingram)
Objekt – Theme From Q
Digital Domain – I Need Relief
JLin – Hatshepsut
Dynamo Dreesen, SVN, AMUS – Untitled (Acido 20)
Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1513080
XY0815 – Tool Matter
ERP – Vox Automaton
Miss Modular – Earplug
Shake – March Into Darkness
DJ Skull – The Drum
Frankie Bones – Pure Ecstasy
Woody McBride – Dr J
Run DMC vs Jason Nevins – It’s Like That (edit)
Truss & Sync 24 – Tri-gate
Versalife – QU_AD
Function – Untitled
Oliver Ho – Magic
Rhythm & Sound w/ Jah Cotton – Dem Never Know (Sleeparchive Remix)
Reinhold Friedl – KORE performed by Zeitkratzer

This set leaves every music connoisseur back with a big smile!

Below you’ll find some of our favorite recordings from the Freerotation Festival 2017:

Image credits: Move D