Freerotation Festival 2016

Freerotation Festival Playlist: Probably One Of The Best, But Unfortunately One Of The Most Exclusive Festivals For Electronica As Well!

There a these huge festivals happening in Europe during summertime, where the so-called elite of electronica is presented to the masses, playing the same boring hits over hits etc…

But there are some small festivals that resisted the sellout in one or the other way! The Freerotation in Wales is one of these super special festival we would like to attend at any price, but we can’t as the tickets are extremely limited (about 700-800 tickets) and only community-members are allowed to apply for one of these coveted tickets. As the community doesn’t accept any new members you have no chances to visit and experience this wonderful festival in the mountains of wales. But to be honest: Although we don’t have tickets either, we love the makers of the Freerotation festival for this exclusivity, saving this place and festival of becoming one of these mainstream festivals – Well done ;-)

But the Freerotation isn`t only damn exclusive, the makers always curate such a stunning musical selection, consisting of acts the like of Move D, Benjamin Brunn, Ben UFO, Blawan, Dj Bone, Midland, Anthony Child,… to name just a few. Combined with the beautiful landscape, we would say that the Freerotation is one of the best festival for electronica, closely followed from the Nachti, of course ;-).

So, for all the lovers of awesome music who weren’t visiting this years Freerotation on the 8th-11th of July, we curated a soundcloud playlist with all available dj- and live-sets from the recent festival. If you have found another one, tell us! If you want to share a Freerotation festival ticket with us, tell us ;-)

image source: Freerotation