fromtheretillnow online magazine 2015

Fromtheretillnow’s Marc Jauss With The Wonderful Podcast “Posting 2015”

Since 2012, the fantastic online magazine fromheretillnow has been offering guidance through its hand-picked musical selections and its carefully conceived podcasts.

“we let you discover obscure music and genres as no wave, experimental, avant garde, drone and lo-fi. get lifted by never-heard before pop-not-pop music: beautiful to listen to, yet miles away from the mainstream.”

So, lately fromheretillnow offered me guidance as I was listening to the Posting 2015-Podcast, compiled by Marc Jauss. Incredible and mostly unknown music by Tropic of Cancer, die bilder – girl at night (schwimmen im see), or dolphins into the future – culatra island. Hit the play button and enjoy this wonderful selected music!

secret boyfriend – little jammy center – (blackest ever black)
max guld – fortryllet 1- (dark entries)
group rhoda – at the dark – (night school)
roland young – so very easy – (palto flats)
the arms of someone new – silhouette – (projekt:archive)
tomemitsu – i’m a life – (tomemitsu)
the gist – yanks – (rough trade)
bruce langhorne – idaho transfer – unreleased
white poppy – early morning rides – (moon glyph)
samantha glass – a push towards the future – (golden cloud tapes)
craig leon – one hundert steps – (rvng intl.)
paki & visnadi – in a dark run – (antinote)
kaitlyn aurelia smith – labyrinth iii – (western vinyl)
column – quiet song – (tasty morsels)
lena platonos – dark disco night – (dark entries)
tropic of cancer – hardest day – (blackest ever black)
fall of saigon – the swimmer – (gazul records)
thick pigeon – subway (45 version) – (les disques du crepuscule)
hiroshi yoshimura – dance pm – (sound process)
haunt stress – b6 – transmode desire – (hot releases)
die bilder – girl at night (schwimmen im see) – (flying nun)
timmothy – good morning – (pear records)
doug hammond – moves – (tribe)
bing & ruth – rails – (rvng.intl)
lino capra vaccina – antico adagio – (die schachtel)
electroscope – igloo – (boa records)
russian tsarlag – fading fast – (not not fun)
bruce langhorne – idaho transfer – (unreleased)
dolphins into the future – culatra island – (edições cn)
woo – the purple pussy – (drag city)
franco leprino – integrati… disintegrati – (wah wah records)
jeffrey alexander – floatings lights – (pome pome tones)
the field mice – letting go – (sarah records)
tears – tears, a sea of love – (posh isolation)
dialect – chroma – (tasty morsels)
marc barreca – xenophobia – (posh isolation)
x.y.r – a boat – (singapore sling tapes)
vito ricci – (the ship was sailing)
paul chain – hypnosis – (minotauro)

Image source: fromtheretillnow