Kai Schumacher - Beauty im Simplicity

Illuminine’s Rework Of Kai Schumacher’s Track Hug Brings Together Both Worlds: Happiness As Well As Sadness

Even though, Kai Schumacher`s latest LP Beauty in Simplicity is a nice and intelligent work, it misses one thing: it doesn`t kick ass! It’s just a simple modern classic LP, but that`s it. Kai Schumacher doesn`t inspire enthusiasm while listening to his Beauty in Simplicity.

But I just discovered a rework of his track hug by Illuminine that offers the deepness and emotional triggers I was missing on his Kai’s latest LP. This rework by Illuminine drifts more into ambient and drone music, offers the whole spectrum from sadness to pure happiness… And the video, well, the video is pure bliss, combining audio and visual perfectly!

Foto credits: Kai Schumacher