Equiknoxx - Bird Sound Power - Modern Love 2016

Interested In Weird Dancehall? Then You Should Check Equiknoxx’s Bird Sound Power On Modern Love

Fortunately the infamous Modern Love label from Manchester doesn’t care much about press relations and just focuses on high-quality music. So we often miss the latest release of the Manchester based label Modern Love. All the better it feels when we discover some recent releases without expecting to find a new Modern Love.

Founded by the incredible Andy Stott, Modern Love doesn’t jump on the bandwagon and tries to copy music trends, but has found its own signature sound. If you ask me I would describe the typical Modern Love sound as deep, dark, crispy, heavily influenced by dub, experimental, and electronica.

So, this year Modern Love released the avant-Dancehall mutations from Jamaica’s Equiknoxx and their Bird Sound Power. Equiknoxx are probably one of the weirdest, but also most innovatives dancehall from Jamaica. I can hardly describe their sound even as dancehall. It’s just so damn good, new, and refreshing! One of the best LPs in 2016!