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James Holden Visited The Playground Show, Bringing Some Very Special Tracks With Him!

As James Holden is currently on tour with Camilo Tirado, he stopped by at Studio Brussel’s playground show and showed why is one of the most interesting electronic artists of the present time. I really loved James Holden’s RMX for Nathan Fakes’s “The Sky was pink”, his mix “at the controls” is still one of my favorite mixes, and his latest longplayer “The Inheritors” was one of the most interesting pieces of the last years. Despite his focus on electronica, James Holden always wanted to go new ways, avoiding to get stuck in repetition of well-known sounds. So, he didn’t only leverage a mediocre mix, but trying to give us a glimpse into his understanding of Trance music. Well, some listeners weren’t so happy about his musical choice…

…this is the worst playground set ever, damn and its from james holden, what happened to him :(…

…But we think, it’s just brilliant!

You probably should check the track listing:

1. Lucky Dragons – Inside
2. Experimental Audio Research – Phenomena 256
3. Log Lady (Material World)
4. Julia Wolfe – LAD (For Nine Bagpipes)
5. Luke Abbott – Night Bike
6. Pharoah Sanders – Ole
7. Roedelius – Durch Die Wuste
8. Khmou – New Year
9. Charlemagne Palestine, Tony Conrad & Rhys Chatham – Db
10. Ivor Cutler – I’m Walking To A Farm
11. Pharoah Sanders – Japan
12. Moondog – Single Foot
13. Seabat – Cryogenic Awakening
14. Req – Loop Bass
15. Eliane Radigue – Song Of The Path Guides
16. Fridge – Cut Up Piano And Xylophone
17. Luke Abbott – Passing
18. Bardo Pond – Despite The Roar
19. Susumu Yokoya & Rothko – Lit By Moonlight
20. Dawn Of M.I.D.I. – Moon
21. Log Lady (Creamed Corn)
22. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – In The Vespers
23. David Bowie – Weeping Wall
24. Forma – Forma 237a 25 Four Tet (Our Bells)

Image source: Border Community