Jörg Burger’s Compilation Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 Aims To Define The Cinèma Pour L’Oreille

Lately we discovered by chance a super exciting compilation series on Kompakt Records. The compilation is called Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 and brings together infamous artists the like of Michael Mayer, Sascha Funke, Fantastic Twins, Superpitcher, Rebolledo, The Golden Bug – to name just a few. Well, looking at these artists the compilation could also be a Total Kompakt compilation, but it’s faaaaar more interesting.

Jörg Burger is responsible for the Velvet Desert Music compilation and explores what happens when you extract the essence from genres as diverse as spaghetti Western soundtracks, moody lamp-lit pop, downtempo, Krautrock, minimalism, classic ‘60s psychedelia…

Actually, Jörg Burger aims to define the cinèma pour l’oreille (cinema for the ear). He’s on a good way, but: don’t expect hits, only killer tracks :-)

The description on get to the heart of it:

“When listening to Velvet Desert Music, think widescreen, think broad brushstrokes, think boldness but with sensual detail. It’s the new frontier music.”

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