Aparde - Ki Records - 2018

Ki Records’ Aparde Offers The Perfect Mixture Of The Infamous Apparat & Rival Consoles

Albeit we don’t really know the artist Yukno and his track “Hund”, we deeply fell in love with the remix of the track by the young artist Aparde. If you haven’t heard about Aparde yet, I would describe his tracks like the perfect mixture of the infamous Apparat and Rival Consoles, whose latest LP was released on Erased Tapes.

Aparde brings together this wonderful, somehow floating voice with layers of rhythmic patterns. The result sounds fluttering, busy, but also so fragile and is filled with deep sadness..

Asked about his remix for Yukno, Aparde says…

“When I got the request from Yukno I was excited and interested because I’ve never remixed a song by a German speaking band before. I’ve tried to capture the atmosphere of the song and have used a lot of audio cuts to create layers and rhythmic patterns. The last thing I added was the vocals, which I used as pads and rhythmical cuts. I finished the remix with an understated vocal phrase on top to suggest the original theme as subtly as possible.”

Today, you can find Aparde’s output primarily on Ki Records, where he already released his latest LP Glass: