Justin Strauss New York

Do You Know Justin Strauss? No? Neither Did I! But You Definitely Should Know This Legendary DJ From New York.

I just stumbled across a wonderful new Radio Cómeme podcast. The New York based DJ, producer, and vinyl digger Justin Strauss has been responsible for this magnificient selection. Julian Strauss is the kind of guy who experienced the late 70s and 80s in New York, and used to know people like Larry Levan or Keith Haring.

The Vinyl Factory did a fantastic interview with Justin Strauss about growing up in New York, the scene in the 80s and his musical work. Highly recommended!

While reading the Vinyl Factory about Justin Strauss, you should definitely listen to Julian Strauss’s mix for Radio Cómeme – Made for the living room as well as for the dance floor. Super!

Image source: Novationmusic