WAATERKANT: Krautrock Kraftwerk

Krautrock Rocks With UV Funk

When thinking of Kraftwerk, almost everyone says “Oh, yeah, these guys are the godfathers of electronica!” and that’s absolutely right (more or less), but Kraftwerk started with playing Krautrock. In the 60s & 70s mostly German bands invented a musical genre, mixing rock elements, synthesizers, and a variety of different styles. As it was the exact opposite of pop music, it remained underground. Driven by German bands such as Can, Neu!, Cluster, Harmonia, or Kraftwerk, the press called this sound Krautrock. Although Düsseldorf is not the musical melting pot per se, it was definitely the Krautrock epicenter in the 60s and 70s. Beside minimal music, Krautrock is often called a major influence for electronic or independent musicians. As in the Uncanny Valley studios often a Krautrock records is running on the turntables, the guys decided to record a Krautrock special with all their favorite Krautrock tracks. So, here you go! We cannot stop listening to it!


— Philipps mix —

01. DJ Sotofett – Space Dub
02. Muscleheads – Phosphorescence
03. Fujiya & Miyagi – Conductor 71
04. Neu! – Hallogallo
05. Solar Bears – Trans Waterfall
06. Michael Rother – Zyklodrom
07. La Düsseldorf – Geld
08. Clinic – Harmony
09. Günter Schickert – Es ist schon kurz vor 12
10. Kraftwerk – The Hall Of Mirrors
11. Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix – Time Centre

— Carl’s mix —

12. Sand – Helicopter (Delta-Acustic)
13. Ashra – Oasis (Virgin)
14. Space: 1999 – Interlude I
15. Cluster & Eno – Schöne Hönde (Sky Records)
16. Brigitte Fontaine, Areski Avec Art Ensemble Of Chicago ‎- Comme À La Radio (Saravah)
17. Andrzej Korzyński ‎– W Pustyni I W Puszczy (Excerpt I) (GAD Records)
18. Space: 1999 – Interlude II
19. Floh De Cologne – Die Luft Gehört Denen, Die Sie Atmen (Ohr)
20. Klan – Automaty (Automaton) (Pronit)
21. Schwerkraft Interlude
22. SBB – Na Czarno (GAD Records)
23. DAF – Ich und die Wirklichkeit (Universal)
24. Space: 1999 – Interlude III
25. Electric Würms – Musik die zu schwer zu Twerk (Lovely Sorts of Death Records)
26. Föllakzoid – Feuerzeug (Sacred Bones Records)
27. Dieter Moebius & Gerd Beerbohm ‎- Doppelschnitt (Sky Records)
28. Andrzej Korzyński ‎– W Pustyni I W Puszczy (Excerpt II) (GAD Records)
29. Kraftwerk Talking Interlude
30. Can – Mother Sky (Celluloid)
31. Jacob Stoy – 3 feb 13 tape (unreleased)

Image source: BBC