lea-porcelain - Hymns to the night - 2017

Lea Porcelain Just Released Its Thrilling Debut LP “Hymns To The Night” – Amazing 2017 Music, Heavily Influenced By The 80s!

A few months we went to the double concert of Nathan Fake and Clark at the infamous Funkhaus, wich was okayish as Clark was playing quite mainstream. Nonetheless, after the concert we were stumbling in the entrance when he heard the sound of an unknown band, straight drumming, ongoing bass guitar, waves of synths, intense singing…. It sounded like the perfect combination of Joy Divison, New Order, My Bloody Valentine.

After Clark, it was a relief to listen to this band, called Lea Porcelain. The band is somehow affiliated to the Funkhaus, maybe Lea Porcelain has its rehearsal room at the Funkhaus, well doesn’t matter…

What really matters is the debut LP of Lea Porcelain “Hymns To The Night” which is definitely on our Top-5-list-2017. Just amazing synth music, heavily influenced by the 80s!

Image source: laut.de