Sebastian Mullaert XLR8R The Block club

Listen To Sebastian Mullaert’s Fantastic Live Set At The Block Tel Aviv.

Lately I was a bit bored by the music I was listening to, as nothing special came up. But when I saw that the latest XLR8R podcast was contributed by Sebatian Mullaert, also known as one part of the infamous Minilogue, I had to listen to it. But it isn’t just a podcast, it is a recording of his live set at the well-known The Block club, located in Tel Aviv. It’s just a stunning live set: you can listen to the 303, approaching softly, getting more and more intense, before it vanishes with a lot reverb. I would compare the playfulness of this set with the work of Mathew Johnson’s Cobblestone Jazz, that I really admire. Wonderful work and what a pity that we missed Sebastian Mullaert’s set at The Block!

Image source: XLR8R