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Listening To The New Work Of The Orb & Roman Flügel, It Seems As Time Stands Still…

Both, The Orb and Roman Flügel, can look back on long and foremost super successful careers. While The Orb has been experimenting in the wide fields of electronic music, Roman Flügel has been more focused on House and Techno, leaving his uncountable monikers beside.

However, Roman Flügel and The Orb recently released their latest LPs. The Orb released COW / Chill Out World! on Kompakt, while Roman Flügel‘s newest masterpiece All The Right Noises appeared on Dial Records.

Both LPs are stripped off the dance floor and concentrated more on the moment and the listening experience. The Orb‘s COW / Chill Out World is a wonderful Ambient album, maybe one of the best recent LPs of The Orb.

Roman Flügel‘s All The Right Noises is also made for the living room, but would be best described as electronic listening music. Wonderful, tasty, intelligent – All The Right Noises is exactly the LP you might expect from Roman Flügel, the perfect ending of a trilogy of outstanding LPs on Dial Records!

So, in order in to celebrate the release of their LPs, The Orb and Roman Flügel serve unbelievable good Ambient podcasts:

The Orb leveraged a 2 hours Ambient podcast for the Self-Titled Magazine, dropping tracks by Lee Scratch Perry, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, The KLF, Dj Koze, Jeff Mills, Prins Thomas, Jean-Michel Jarre, and of course some stuff by The Orb. Incredible, we really admire The Orb aka Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann for their unbelievable musical achievements!

On the other hand, Roman Flügel served a mix for the Groove Magazine. His mix consists of tracks he is listening to on a daily basis, always thriving to discover new music beside electronica. And the best, he still enjoys to dig new music by artists the kind of Tortoise, Tangerine Dream, Fripp & Eno, or The Black Dog.

Image source: Kompakt Records