Sascha Funke - Podcast - The Ransom Note - 2018

Listening To Sascha Funke`s Podcast For The Ransom Note, You Will Start To Smile And Think About An Artist Who Found His Place…

Oh yeah! Even though, Sascha Funke isn´t well-known for his podcasts, every time he drops a new podcast, I`m stunned by his eclectic and timeless track selection. Sascha Funke`s podcast for the Groove Magazine was dope, his latest podcast for the Ransom Note is just spectacular!

Compared to his former label mates, Modeselektor or Paul Kalkbrenner, Sascha Funke`s career seems to be bogged down somehow somewhere… But if you look closely, you`ll recognize that he just slowed down, concentrated on the important things (love, music,…). He still releases music as Sascha Funke and as Saschienne with his wife, and it really seems he found his place as artists.

Sascha Funke`s podcast for the Ransom Note underpins this theory: You`ll listen to artist who searched and found his own sound… Cannot wait for his upcoming releases!

Remarkable podcast! Thx @ The Ransom Note!

Image credits: Lodown Magazine