Lola Luc - Oscillate - About Blank - 2017

Lola Luc Drops A Fantastic Mix For The Oscillate Party Series And Has Definitely The Perfect Flow…

We’ve been following Loca Luc for some time past, I think when we heard about her monthly residency at Community Radio Berlin. And yeah, every show and every mix she dropped were insanely good.

Foremost she delights us with her passion for digging records and her eclectic style. Almost every time I hear one of Loca Luc‘s sets, she plays one of her secret treasures and I start wondering…

Nonetheless we missed her latest podcast for the Oscillate party series at about blank in Berlin. Things happen ;-) I think I was listening to the podcast, but simply wasn’t in the mood. So, today I was skipping through my list and discovered this magnificent mix again.

Lola Luc builds more and more tension without getting even faster or harder, she has just the perfect flow, playing just gorgeous tracks such as Brian Harden`s Awakening.

Well, honestly, I don’t have anything to add. Just enjoy this wonderful mix by Lola Luc! Thx Lola and keep going ;-) We love to hear more from you!!!

Photo credit: Matthias Wehofsky