Benedict Frey / INIT

We Are Over The Moon And Can’t Stop Listening To Two Fantastic Podcast By The Robert Johnson Affiliated Benedikt Frey & By His Moniker INIT.

Okay, that’s the second time in a row that we post stuff by artists who affiliated with the Robert Johnson, such as Benedikt Frey. Yeah, you got us! But considering the absurdly high quality of the Robert Johnson residents, it’s no wonder that these guys record insane music that we have to select and share with you! Right?!

So anyways, Benedikt Frey is no newbie on Waaterkant, we already featured his own recordings as well as the podcast of his band project INIT, which he founded with Nadia D’Alò. By the way, INIT releases music on Hivern Discs, the sensationell label cofounded by John Talabot.

However, the Frankfurt-based producer Benedikt Frey serves a mix paying tribute to the past, present and future of dance music for the infamous IA magazine. You might expect 90s-infused breakbeat, industrial, acid and grim techno. Excellent mix focusing on the dance floor!

The second mix is compiled INIT for Red Bull Music Radio. Compared to the first mix, this mix has the focus on the living room and is far more eclectic. Benedict and Nadia pull a selection of the dark esoteric atmospheres that inspire their own shadowy electronics.

It’s a wonderful deep and atmospheric trip with artists such as Hype Williams, David Lynch, Moebius, Throbbing Gristle, Can and..and….