Roman Flügel Dekmantel Podcast

Mr Offenbach Roman Flügel With A Beautiful Flowing Podcast For Dekmantel.

The Dekmantel podcasts have become a constant source of high-quality music. So, it was not surprising that the latest podcast by Roman Flügel is pure bliss! This podcast is a live recording at the Lent Kabinet back in May 2015. Although Roman Flügel is incredible successful with all his monikers (Alter Ego, Eight Miles High,…), he preserved his own signature sound: “it is a two hour ride through his singular sound that effuses colourful synth lines and kinked drums, at one moment gliding along an airy groove before then sinking down into a gritty and mechanical world of grinding gears and punchy kicks. Few DJs take as many risks, and pull them off as successfully as Flügel, so this is a real treat indeed.” – Or to express it more clearly: Roman kills it, in a positive way ;-)

Inofficial & incomplete track list:
[000] Roman Flügel – Heartbreak Kids [Correspondant]
[010] Fort Romeau – Insides (Roman Flügel Remix) [Spectral Sound]
[015] Andre Bratten – Be A Man You Ant [Full Pupp]
[019] Good Guy Mikesh – Power Plant [Riotvan]
[024] Marvin & Guy – Egoísta [Hivern Discs]
[030] Hackman – Semibreves (Epiphylogentically Enumerated Reset By KiNK)
[035] Seth Troxler – CZ [Tuskegee]
[040] Blanc 2 – Out Of Here [Hivern Discs]
[045] Jacob Husley – Madeira (Axel Boman Remix) [WYS!]
[051] ?
[057] Minor Science – Closing Acts [Whities]
[063] Comfort Fit – Staubschicht [Musik Krause]
[068] ?
[073] Roman Flügel – Sliced Africa [Dial]
[078] Daniel Bortz – Hot In The Fridge [Pastamusik]
[084] KiNK – Cloud Generator [Running Back]
[089] ?
[092] ?
[097] Simon Weiss – Tele-Vision [Voyage Direct]
[101] Red Axes – Pil Sagol [Hivern Discs]
[107] ?
[113] ?

Source (Picture): Roman Flügel