Music We Cannot Stop Listening To #1

There are blogs out there that try to keep you posted about newest releases, no matter if the EPs or LPs are worth it or not. As we think, that there is no need for another “hottest shit in town” blog, we decided to blog about music we cannot stop listening to, music we love, music that fits your mood best, etc. So, now and then we will present some of our musical darlings, hoping you will enjoy them as much as we do ;-)

Juju & Jordasch – Clean-Cut

Oh yeah, last year in December Dekmantel’s dream team Juju & Jordasch released their latest and by far best LP called Clean-Cut. I can’t stop listening to these analogue funk machines! They remained true to themselves, composed tracks by jamming, and developed their own signature sound even further.

Reagenz – The Periodic Table

Back in the 90s, Move D and Jonah Sharp released their first LP as Reagenz. Somehow they lost contact and met again while visiting an Autechre concert in Tokyo in 2008. Well, The Periodic Table is the second release after their reunion and this one is just stunning. Released on and recorded live at the Bunker in New York, using a Roland TR-909, TR-606, SH-101 and AKAI MPC 1000. You will love it!

The Notwist – Messier Objects

The Notwist just released their new LP Messier Objects. As they released their beautiful Close To The Glass LP only last year, I expected a mediocre as well as disappointing release. But to be completely honest, I was wrong! It’s really fun listening to these 17 song sketeches, dominated by primarily instrumental tracks. Good work by the Weilheim/Berlin connection.

To Rococo Rot Live @Boiler Room Session

After 20 years To Rococo Rot said goodbye. Shortly before they gave their last concert at HAU Berlin, they recorded this amazing Boiler Room session.