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Music We Cannot Stop Listening To #2

As we mentioned in “Music We Cannot Stop Listening To #1”: Most blogs primarily keep you posted about the latest shit, no matter if the EPs or LPs are worth it or not. We decided to blog about music we cannot stop listening to, music that fits our mood best, music we love! So, here you go:

Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi (Soundtrack)

Philip Glass is an American composer and is considered one of the most influential minimal music makers at the present time. Beside his conceptual LP, Philip Glass leverages wonderful soundtracks, especially this soundtrack for the movie Koyaanisqatsi is his famous film score. The soundtrack of Koyaanisqatsi is filled with an uncountable amount of influences, especially the combination choir vs. synths is phenomenal! You won’t love this soundtrack after the first listen, but probably after the fifth time!

Aardvarck – CO IN CI

Aardvarck aka Rednose District aka Mike Kivits has been part of Dutch dance music scene pretty much since the start, and his lengthy discography reflects a broad range of its developments: Techno and house, downtempo oddities, dubstep, ambient… – He is very well-known for his unconventional works, always surprising his audience, and never trying to meet expectations of the media. His new LP CO IN CI was produced on Bali, where he currently lives. Aardvarck’s latest work is more focused on the dance floor than he ever was, which means that you still won’t hear common or ordinary bass drums, synths, or samples – no way! – he still uses an experimental approach to develop a track but this time with a clear focus on dancing. Somehow Aardvarck dropped one of the best House LP of the year without denying his origins.

Wolfgang Voigt – Rückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark

Well, Wolfgang Voigt is probably one of Germany’s most influential producers for electronica. He released music under his monikers Gas, Mike Ink, Wassermann, and of course Wolfgang Voigt. Wolfgang’s work was released on Warp, Profan, Studio 1, Mille Plateaux, Force Inc, and Kompakt! Yeah, of course Kompakt – As he is best known for co-founding Kompakt alongside Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape. Voigt’s Rückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark is a wonderful Ambient album, which sounds like an early morning walk in the forest – the night is slowly vanishing as the morning sunrays are shining through the grey fog. It’s amazing music I can barely describe in words, hence you should listen to this 1:02:11 of pure bliss!

Johann Johannson – Sicario (Soundtrack)

Johann Johannson work for the movie Sicario can be described in one word: INTENSE. When I was first listening to this soundtrack, I was really stunned by this emotional work that make totally sense although I haven’t seen the movie yet.

Anthony Child – Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 1

Foremost Anthony Child is well-known under his moniker Surgeon as well as being part of the infamous Techno live act British Murder Boys. As Surgeon, Anthony plays really hard and experimental Techno, releasing on labels such as Tresor or Downward Records. In contrary, Anthony Child shows his more peaceful nature on Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 1. In January and February 2015, Anthony has been living somewhere in Haiku-Pauwela, where he recorded this record, based on a modular synthesizer and field recordings of the jungle. Anthony Child’s new LP is kind of experimental and luscious ambient trip you won’t forget. Some might hate it, we love it!

Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians

Beside Philipp Glass, Steve Reich is the second minimal music legend we feature in this blog post. He is one of the major influences for nearly every musician, who is producing electronic music or related stuff. Compared to Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack that is really deep and ritually, Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians is so positive, sounds like spring is coming, although winter has just started.

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