Sad City - Shapes in Formation

Oh Man! We Cannot Wait For Sad City’s Debut LP “Shapes In Formation”!

Recently we discovered the wonderful track Steady Jam by the Northern Irish born and Glasgow based musician Sad City. The record labels Emotional Response, Meda Fury and R&S Records teamed up to release the debut LP Shapes in Formation.

Sad City already released some deep, atmospheric tracks, but the debut Shapes in Formation will definitely skyrocket! On soundcloud the LP is described as: Recorded as one listening experience, Shapes In Formation mixes a love of field recordings with deep ambient soundscapes atop incessant percussive loops. The melancholic sonics bely ethereal tones that transport to that place where music and the silent reality of the world merges.

We don’t have anything to add to this lovely summary and cannot wait until the 29th of July when Sad City‘s debut Lp will be released!

Sad City’s – Steady Jam (long version)

Sad City’s – Shapes in Formation (pre-listen version)

Image source: Sad City – Shapes in Formation