PHUONG-DAN - Rinse FM - 2018

On Rinse FM, Phuong-Dan Curates Wonderful And Obscure Mixtapes By Just Playing His All Time Favorites

Last year we had the honor to meet and talk to Phuong-Dan in person backstage at the Selectors Floor of the Dekmantel Festival.

Beside his kindness and niceness, he’s a reals connoisseurs for electronica. Phuong-Dan‘s style could be mostly likely compared to the sounds of the Düsseldorf gang the like of Lena Willikens, Vladimir Ivkovic, or Philip Jondo. Even though, Phuong-Dan is playing more psychedelic, adding contemporary techno to post-punk to EBM to Krautrock to…

Over the last years, Phuong-Dan has been playing at all relevant festivals and international clubs, always returning to his infamous residency at Golden Pudel Club. Hence it’s no big surprise, that Rinse FM offered him a residency.

In contrast to other artists’ residencies, Phuong-Dan doesn’t play the obvious downtempo, abstract electronica stuff, but curates wonderful and obscure mixtapes by just playing his all time favorites such as Roedelius`s Heilsamer Brunnen and many many unknown records… Good luck with Shazam ;-)

Image credit: Flow Festival