pachanga boys - mayan warriors - 2016

The Pachanga Boys Coined Their Very Own Sound: Some Might Hate It, Some Might Love It…

I know, I know, Pachanga Boys: Some hate their sound, some love it. Too much Trance, too much Pop, too much of everything…But they definitely coined their own sound, for sure! And somehow we are absolutely into this sound!

We used too listen a lot to Superpitcher’s releases on Kompakt: Melodic Shuffle Techno at its best! Superpitcher moved on and developed this typical Pachanga Boys sound with Rebolledo.

Especially when you try to picture this party in Mexico: It’s tropical, it’s hot, the crowd is dancing and sweating. You could almost listen to the waves of the ocean and everybody is waiting for the sunrise, ending the night and starting the after party at the beach somewhere.

And then Superpitcher and Rebolledo aka Pachanga Boys are getting ready at the dj booth. The boys are slowly starting, getting more and more intense, dropping lovely anthems by Sasha Funke, Benedikt Frey, Bobby Konders, Prins Thomas, Mike Dehnert, and Pachanga Boys. And OMG, Pachangaboys’ Time is soooo sooooo good…

And yes, well, some might hate, some might love it. We absolutely appreciated the current work of the Pachanga Boys! We absolutely love this Tarantino house.

Image source: WatchtheDJ