Perel - DFA Records - 2018

Perel Serves Two Brilliant Podcasts For Rinse.FM & Trax Magazine

We already did feature Perel with her smooth mix at the Institut für Zukunft in Leipzig and were absolutely stunned by her eclectic track selection. We were entirely certain that she won`t top this performance, but she did twice with her sets for the TRAX magazine and on Rinse.FM.

Perel’s podcast for the TRAX magazine

Following her musical style, Perel recorded a wonderful mix for the TRAX magazine that features three Perel tracks as well. You definitely shouldn`t miss the tracks “Alles” and “Die Dimension”, which has been released on DFA Records. Super cooooool!

Perel and Jennifer Cardini bring back the 80s on Rinse.FM France

The second Perel mix we would highly recommend, is Perel`s radio session with Jennifer Cardini on Rinse.FM France. The 80s are back – Yes! Warm synths, melodies, singing… – Two hours that feel like “a bubbling drive through crystallized cave mountain” as a soundcloud user described ;-)


Image credits: Perel Music