Wonder Room Poster Design: Soup

Poster Design Follows Function: Wonder Room Shows How!

Nowadays, poster design is the experimental playing field of every designer. Here you can recognize upcoming or current design trends by observing popular poster designs. The problem with poster design is – tadaaa – posters are offline. You can pin it on your bedroom wall, somewhere outside, etc.. In order to solve this problem and eliminate this poster’s weak spot, the agency Wonder Room started to create posters that work offline as well as online. Wonder Room just designs posters as Gifs, which sounds pretty simple (it is!), but it looks pretty awesome as well (it does)!

Wonder Room’s Steve Hacket said to the It’s Nice That guys: “They are kind of online versions of printed posters I’ve done,” he says. “I’ve been exploring how we can give things designed for print a new life in a digital format. I make a lot of posters for shows which were getting used more on social media than in real life so I started thinking more about their function beyond being stuck up on a wall. When they get used online it always seems kind of wrong, it doesn’t make sense (beyond saving time and money) to use something which is designed to be printed on standard sized paper in that context.”

Wonder Room Poster Design:  Art making

Wonder Room Poster Design:  Beauty

Wonder Room Poster Design: Soup

Wonder Room Poster Design:  bottle

Source: Wonder Room