Callshop Radio Düsseldorf 2019

Rap & Hip Hop By Hans Immer On Callshop Radio From Düsseldorf

Actually, writing about music makes the most fun when we discover new and interesting projects that aren’t driven by monetary values but by passion for music! I know, I know, it sounds extremely cheeeesy, but it’s simply the truth ;-)

Well, Callshop Radio is one of these rare discoveries we make once in a while. Callshop Radio is a online radio station broadcasting from Düsseldorf since 2017, covering a wide range of different music styles. Considering the fact that Düsseldorf is lately THE musical melting pot and the origin of some of the most interesting electronic acts from Germany, you definitely should check the upcoming shows on Callshop Radio and discover some interesting artists…! Keep going peepz!!!

Especially, the Rap Show with Hans Immer is worth every minute of your listening time. Hans Immer plays all kinds of Hip Hop and Rap, welcomes guests and hosts special shows such as the Deutsch Rap Specials. Highly highly recommended!!!

Image credits: Callshop Radio