Ata Robert Johnson Offenbach

Robert Johnson’s Honcho Ata Leverages Simply Enchanting Mixes.

In the late eighties, when electronic music arrived in Germany, Berlin and Frankfurt a.M. were the main driver of the evolution of this cultural phenomenon in the underground. Ata Macias was part of generation of musicians who shaped the sound of Frankfurt. Today he is still one of the main influencer of Frankfurt’s cultural scene!

In the early nineties, he started the party wild pitch club at Nachtleben. In the same year, Heiko Schäfer, Roman Flügel, Jörn Elling Wuttke, and Ata founded the legendary labels Ongaku Musik, Klang Elektronik und Playhouse, which had huge influence on the evolution of house and techno, not only in Germany, but also around the world. Especially Ricardo Villalobos’s “Alcachofa” and Isolée’s “Beau Mot Plage” have become classics of electronic dance music.

In 1999, Ata opended the well-respected Robert Johnson Club in Offenbach, which is famous for its bookings, design, and top-notch sound system. Beside the club, he runs the Bar Plank in Frankfurt, is involved in the Live At Robert Johnson label, and compiles beautiful podcasts, always thriving to create a new and unique musical experience. Lately he leveraged two brilliant mixes for the oval space and for Both mixes are perfectly suited for the use on a lazy sunday morning, a stressful afternoon, or the warm-up on a Saturday evening.

Here is the tracklist for the mix:

Zero 7 – The Colour Of Spring
Zero 7 – Last Light
Chloe – Dune
DJ Koze feat Dirk von Lowtzow – Das Wort
Breathe Owl Breathe – Swimming
Stevie R / Matt Hardinge – Measuring The Universe (feat. Shawni) (Namito’s Begining Of Time Remix)
Kasper Bjorke, Soho Rezanejad – Marbled Blood (feat. Soho Rezanejad)
Lea Porcelain – Loose Life (Roman Flügel Remix)
Holger Czukay – Music Is a Miracle
Au Revoir Simone – Knight of Wands (Dam Mantle Remix)
Cuthead – Seram Lembah
Lusine – Arterial (MOORS Remix)
Visuals – A Pixel
Art Fact – Rain In The South (Bonus Track)
Volta Cab – Don’t Give Up
400 Blows – Pressure (Club Mix)
Marcel Vogel – Body to Body (Ruf Dug Remix)
Group Rhoda – King (Asphodells Remix)
Hot Toddy – I Need Love featuring Ron Basejam (Morgan Geist Love Dub)
The Juan Maclean – Running Back To You
Jocelyn Brown – Make It Last Forever
Von Spar – Breaking Formation
Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (James Pants Remix)
Visuals – Slowed Down
Conrad Schnitzler – Der Wagen Der Rollt – 1980 (Slow)
Maps – Heard Them Say (Andy Stott Remix)
Beyou – Antimateria (Speechless Extended Version)
Man Power – Promising
Nicolas Jaar – The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She’s All Alone Now
DaVe Bixby – Drug Song
Soul Keita – Freedom

Image source: Red Bull Music Academy