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Sebastian Mullaert Is Playing Again At Sacred Ground Festival 2020 As Part Of The Electronic Music Super Group “Circle of ive”

Maybe right now, when “social distancing” is a must, and as a consequence all cultural institution shutting down, maybe then it’s the perfect time to think of a summer in the Uckermark and of a beautiful festival called the Sacred Ground Festival.

And just today, the Sacret Ground Festival announced a bunch of the artists for the 6th edition in July. Besides the infamous Dixon and Howling, Acid Pauli, Chloe, David August, Gigi Masin, and WhoMadeWho are booked.

Sacred Ground Festival 2020

Even though, these artists sound already fantastic, we’re really looking forward to the performance of Circle of Live. Circle of Live is kind of the new super group of improvised electronic music. In summer the Circle of Live will be consisting of Dorisburg, Frank Wiedemann, Ry X, and Sebastian Mullaert (suddenly we see light at the end of the tunnel….). Well, this super group will play at the opening in the circus tent on Thursday, and this will be definitely worth it…

Especially Sebastian Mullaert has been releasing really good stuff lately and his live performances are incredible. The first one in cooperation with Mathew Jonson and was recorded at Concrete in Paris,…

the second solo at the Garbicz Festival in 2019.

Image credits: Sacred Ground Festival & Sebastian Mullaert