siren collective london

SIREN Is A Collective Focused On Forward Thinking Movements In Dance Music And Showcases Its Approach With Its Fantastic Mix Series

SIREN describe themselves as “a collective focused on forward thinking movements in dance music”, driven by three artists Sybil, Jay, Fran, Slime Eye, and Moonbow. The collective has a monthly residency on NTS Radio and runs an amazing mix series, featuring only sets by female artists, e.g. Afrodeutsche, Athene, or Errorbeauty…

Here is a short description from their NTS Radio site: “SIREN exists to challenge and re-define current preconceptions within dance music, whilst bringing to the fore those underrepresented in the scene. Throwing queer parties in London promoting women and non-binary artists, their monthly NTS show explores techno in its broadest sense, covering everything from electro, to minimal, acid and breakbeat.”

Following their mission to explore forward thinking music, their music is just ace. SIREN music has always a focus on dance floor without playing just the predictable tunes, but staying open for experiments and new influences.

So, the radio residency and mix series offers a wide range of styles and influences: from bass music and drum’n’bass over house and techno to electro. Highly recommended ;-)

Hope to hear more from the SIREN collective – I had really fun to dive deep into the mix series – pure gold!

Image source: Siren London