Dial Records - Lawrence and Carsten Jost

Somehow Dial Records Always Managed To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

In 2020, Dial Records are celebrating their 20th birthday! While these 20 years they have been releasing artists like Roman Flügel, Efdemin, Dj Richard, and of course Lawrence and Carsten Jost.

Even though 20 years is a long time for a label, Dial Records somehow managed to stay ahead of the curve. Okay, yeah, it’s gotten quieter lately, but sometimes you need to rest, recharge and focus.

Well, in the last year, Lawrence and Carsten Jost seemed to celebrate a kind of a comeback. Last month, we’ve been listening to Lawrence’s amazing live set at the Giegling Birthday party at Funkhaus Berlin. And especially, Carsten Jost seems to back in the game. He’s playing around the globe and is recording one mix after another. Carsten’s mixes sound fresh and crispy, but nonetheless deeply rooted in the Dial universe.

I’m really looking forward what will happen in the next 20 years :-)

Image credit: Dial Records