Kate Miller Berlin

Superb Mix By Kate Miller For The Groove Magazine.

It’s been a while since Kate Miller moved from Australia to Berlin, driven by her passion for music. Although I haven’t seen her playing in clubs nor listened to her show on Berlin’s Cashmere Radio, I was really excited by her Electro driven podcast: Starting with Dopplereffekt and E.R.P. over Terrence Dixon and I-F to Marc Bernadi. Listening to her latest podcast for the infamous Groove Magazine and reading through the short interview, it’s no wonder that Kate is step by step skyrocketing the dance floors.

01. Dopplereffekt – Technic 1200
02. E.R.P. – Gleaning Creation
03. Q3A – Untitled B2
04. Versalife – Transgenics
05. E.R.P. – Eagle Nebula
06. Terrence Dixon – Rush Hour (Convextion Unreleased Version)
07. Microthol – mod_electro_mix4
08. Sync 24 & The Exaltics – Vacuum (Sync 24’s Bad Trip Mix)
09. Lonny & Melvin – Theme From Murdercapital
10. R-Zone – Mynheer
11. Kangaroo Skull – PON 1
12. I-F – Playstation #2
13. Sync 24 & The Exaltics – Ten Years in Ten Weeks (The Exaltics Mix)
14. Marco Bernardi – Emotionle Part II
15. Marco Bernardi – Switches, Draweres and Washing Machines