“The Fabric of Architecture” – Poster Design Made In Berlin

A real cool poster design by Berlin-based design studio CDLX / Codeluxe


“Spatial reception is based on light and shadow: the only way to visually perceive a three dimensional space with its spatial depth, corners and edges is depending on illumination. This idea constitutes the basis for the design of the poster “The Fabric of Architecture”. In the contrast of brightness and darkness, light and shadow, one and zero emerges a strong tension. The main intension was to arise this tension out of the poster as the visual key element. Therefor the poster was produced in three steps. In the first step light rays in a smoke-filled black box were photographed. This photograph was then translated into a meshed structure by an specifically written algorithm. The algorithm calculates the brightness values of the photography and extrudes the knots of the mesh according to the value: black/dark values are causing no or little extrusion while white/bright values are leading to maximum extrusion. In the last step the final design was brought to paper by screen printing.”

All images © CDLX / Codeluxe