Labyrinth Festival Peter van Hoesen

The Labyrinth Festival Shared Peter Van Hoessen’s Magnificient Live/DJ Set From 2014.

Next to the Freerotation Festival, there is another festival we would love to attend: It is the Japanese Labyrinth festival happening every year since 2002. The Labyrinth is not only well-known for the high-quality booking or for the elaborate Function One stacks, but also for the luscious natural surroundings. Resident Advisor called it “one of the most lauded festival experiences in the electronic music world! It’s just the sort of shared musical journey we’re always aiming for!

So, to celebrate the first Labyrinth 2015 artist announcement: Peter Van Hoesen, the Labyrinth crew shared a recording of his spectacular hybrid dj/live set from Labyrinth 2014. 3 1/2 hours of pure musical pleasures!