The Lake Radio Festival Liima

The New Band Of The Efterklang Guys “Liima” With Beautiful Performances At The Lake Festival & Best Kept Secret Festival

This summer we heard Liima aka Tatu Rönkö + Efterklang play at The Lake festival in Berlin, which was presented by The Lake Radio. The Lake is strongly affiliated with the Efterklang guys. Beside the fantastic and beautiful festival, the performance of of Liima was pure bliss! Liima is the new Efterklang band and somehow the more electronic side of Efterklang, playing Krautrock, Electronica, and Progrock (you name it!). Beside the instrumentals, Casper Clausen’s stunning voice made this afternoon remarkable. Unfortunately this concert wasn’t recorded, so we choose Liima`s recording from the Best Kept Secret Festival. It’s the perfect soundtrack for looking into the stars or even facing a long, cold and dark winter. Enjoy!