Sacred Ground Festival 2019

The Super Cosy Festival Sacred Ground Announced Its First Artists Last Week For 2019!

Super cosy. Super emotional. Super music. Super artists. Super super super… We could go on almost forever when thinking about the Sacred Ground Festival :-)

But seriously, in 2019 the Sacred Ground Festival celebrates its 5th birthday and every year the organisers go the extra mile, get from awesome to fantastic, but stay always true to their roots!

Close to Berlin, located in the idyllic countryside, Sacred Ground’s free-spirited ethos combined with international DJs, Bands and Live Artists is transforming the idea of what a festival can be. Dedicated to art, nature and culinary specialties and with a line-up of friends and respected artists, the curators Ry X and Frank Wiedemann have created something very special and take care that original spirit of the Sacred Ground Festival won’t get lost.

What’s happening at the Sacred Ground Festival 2019?

Well, we don’t know much what will happen or who will perform at this year’s Sacred Ground Festival, but some artists have been announced last week and the lineup has everything: So, let’s have a quick look at the artists and listen to some tunes…

Studio Barnhaus’s Axel Boman will probably play at the tent stage

Curses and Perel will bring some wave and 80s to the Sacred Ground Festival 2019

Life and Death founder DJ Tennis will join the tent gang

Super excited about the live appearance of Mathew Jonson & Frank Wiedemann – Will be massive!

And many more will be announced soon. Will keep you posted! See you there :-)