Rivet Kess Kill Juno Plus Podcast

The Swedish Musician Rivet Recorded A Rough But Brilliant Podcast For Juno Plus

I was just skipping through my soundcloud stream, quite bored by the unbelievable amount of rubbish that is posted day by day on soundcloud. All this mediocre mixes, you might get depressed by, if there weren’t these little exceptions, that might sound strange and uncommon, but make you instantly hit the repeat-button. One of this little exceptions is the new Juno Plus podcast by Rivet. As the Juno podcast always pledges hight quality and foremost interesting sounds, I gave it try and, well, here you go! Rivet has already released on labels such as Skudge, Kontra-Musik, and S.E.L.F. until he founded Kess Kill. Largely inspired by Neue Deutsche Welle band Laisons Dangereuses, Tommi Stumpff, Xao Seffcheque and Geile Tier, Rivet hast recorded a dark, and mad mix that you won’t forget so quickly! Promise;-) Unfortunately, Rivet didn’t provide a tracklisting, so if you recall a track, please don’t hesitate and post its name in the comments!

Beside the Juno Plus shared an interview with Rivet, which you find here.

Image source: Kess Kill Records