Pop Ambient 2017 - Kompakt Records

17 Years Of Splendid Ambient – The Latest Pop Ambient Compilation By Kompakt Records Has Been Released Recently!

It’s been a while since Kompakt Records decided to launch a compilation series next to Kompakt Total, the yearly label compilation. The very first Pop Ambient LP was released in 2011, featuring artists such as Reinhard Voigt, Joachim Spieth, Dettinger, Markus Guentner, or Ulf Lohmann.

Over the last 17 years Kompakt Records trusted in ambient and developed the Pop Ambient format further, as this slow and experimentell sound is part of their DNA as well as techno or house. Furthermore the Voigt brothers and a lot of the Kompakt Records own artists and friends love this kind of electronica and supported Pop Ambient by contributing their own definition of ambient, e.g. Dj Koze, Thomas Fehlmann, Blixa Bargeld, or Barnt.

Now the 17th edition of Kompakt’s definition of Ambient has been released. Although the compilation features a bunch of new talents and, of course, all stars, it sounds surprisingly homogeneous without being foreseeable and even boring. Artists the kind of JENS-UWE BEYER, YUI ONODERA & SCANNER, MAX WÜRDEN, LEANDRO FRESCO, THORE PFEIFFER, KENNETH JAMES GIBSON, and WOLFGANG VOIGT don’t fall into the trap of repetition ;-)

Without treating Kompakt Records with to much reverence, I would even say that Kompakt Records has defined their own way of ambient and electronica with Pop Ambient. The same way as they defined “Schaffel-Techno” in the last years, they have developed this slow, but pushing, ultra deep and magical ambient made in Cologne.

We created a Spotify playlist for all Pop Ambient compilations of the last 17 years – You will love it ;-)